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The New Schoolers is a site dedicated to the radical stunt team know as Team The New Schoolers. Now, we cannot feature some of the neatest people like T Wall, T Hall, and Tommer Hallish due to some budget cuts for 2012. But we sure as hell have some Xtreme skiers on the roster for Team The New Schoolers for Joss 2012. Our roster for 2012 includes many members of the world famous (not at all a joke) Majesty Crew, like Tom Schoeniger, Nick Shoemaker, Bryan Benjamin,  Cameron Treacy, Luke Ahlman, Collin Johnson, my nigga B - DOG, Dillon Shannon, Matt "The Hawk" Miller, and all those cool kids you see at Bristol Mountain with those neato First Drop jump suits! Neato!

This here granny is giving Team The New Schoolers two thumbs up for "Total richous dudes!!"


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