Brandon Lesniak - Height: 5'10 - Weight: 3.623oz - Waist Size: 12cm      - BBM Friends: 70 (mostly girls)

Teach me how to lurk, teach me teach me how to lurk. All the bitches hate me, all the all the bitches hate. My name is brandon... for the dudes who don't know me, I know I'm from the east... but I have a blackberry. Step up in the club and, all the bitches hate me. only white boy textin, no body know me.

Um... can I have your BBM? We can like text and stuff. 


 Thomas SchoeNIGER - Sex Apeal: 11/10 - Age of Face: 6 Months -    Age: 17 - Nipple Radius: 3.5mm - Alias: Mr. Steal Your Girl

Thomas here is one of our sexiest athletes. Just looking at that beautiful baby face can give you a chub lasting more than 4 hours. And for you ladies out there? Harder than Brandon's mom's ice pic nipple's. Yea... he's that sexy. Now, while Thomas excels in the park, and urban, you can also find him on the mountain at the bunny hill wedgin some turns. A true all round skier!

Dill Bear Grillz IV - Height: 5cm - Hat Size: 15 and 3/8" - Gravitational Pull generated by head: 17.3 m/s^2

Most people say I'm too photogenic. I disagree, I think I'm way too photogenic. I also don't believe in god, I believe in Colin Johnson. I worship Colin because he's such a neat kido. Like befor Colin it was CJ Wool, and then before CJ it was Brandon Lesniak (The Lurk Miester). But ever since I found Colin, my life has just been more Xtreme and my clothes have gotten bigger. In 2026 I plan to have Colin cloned and then have my brain put in his body.

 Matt "The Hawk" Miller - Description Coming Soon!

C - Dollo (Colin Johnson) - Height: 2,300m above sea level - Identical Twin: Dumbledoor - T-Shirt Size: Mid ankle to Low calf

I don't wanna ski like no body else, I don't give a fuck bout dum white boys skiers... I'm gon be me and ski like the straight thug I is. My favorite  quote is "I am from the planet collenzia, take me to your leader, nya nya" spoken by the gooniest goon of all time - Sir. Johnald Ahlman. I invented chinese chopsticks and anyone who thinks not... get at me bitch.

Lukas Platoon - Height: 3'2", Weight: 12 LBS, Teeth: Tall, Eyes: Fishy

One day I hope to ski like T-Hall or T-Wall. They're neat. My favorite quote is "fuck da poooolice", because a gangster hoodrat said it. And im a gangster hoodrat deep down. I also invented the word "boo-yaa"... so if you ever say that word you owe me a quarter. Bitch.

Devin Gan - Description Coming Soon!

Lia Mountmyferrari - Favorite Liquor: 91% Rubbing Alchohal - Rain Boot Height: Mid-High Thigh - Street Corner of Choice: Chili & Main

Description Coming Soon!

Cameron Treacy - Description Coming Soon!

Nick Schumacher - Description Coming Soon!

Bryan Benjamin - Description Coming Soon!

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